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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Ideas and Environmental Issues  - Article Details
Eco-Friendly Favorites

Lean about the Eco Friendly and Efficient Car Audio Gear

Date Added: April 21, 2010 11:50:08 PM
Author: john
Category: Energy: Efficiency
Many companies are taking more initiatives to enhance their products to better suit the environment. Producing environmentally friendly products has encouraged car audio manufacturers to re-manufacturer their products to make them more productive and eco friendly at the same time. These initiatives have helped to generate very efficient for the consumer and the earth. If you are a car audio fan, you will be amazed by the modifications that took place in the 2010 equipment. Almost all manufacturers have their own eco friendly touch to show their commitment to the consumer and the environment. Kicker, a well known audio manufacturer, has developed car amplifiers that can produce better sound quality with less power consumption. They have added a soft-start circuitry which demands less power when powering up the amplifier. Kicker has also reduced the chassis size and weight to increase truck space and reduce fuel usage. Kicker subwoofers were also modified to provide the highest performance even in rough car environment. They have implemented high end heat management technology to keep the subwoofer cool constantly without requiring more resource or power. Alpine has taken a similar approach towards providing environmentally friendly products. This can be seen clearly in their high end subwoofers (Type-R). These type-R subs were majorly enhanced to provide greater output in a smaller size body.Alpine were able to reduce the mounting depth of their type-R subs by 20% which helps car enthusiasts and installers to fir this amazing sub anywhere in the car. They have also optimized the surround sound design, spider integration and motor structure to provide high quality sound without sacrificing space or efficiency. Since Alpine is also known for their amplifiers, they have re-designed them to provide clean and efficient power. Their Mono amplifiers were uniquely designed to provide the ultimate power without requesting too many resources from the car battery. Since amps can get hot very fast, Alpine has equipped their new amp lines with a powerful heat management mechanism to provide the best per-watt performance. The car audio industry has changed rapidly in the past year. It’s time to say goodbye to your old audio equipment that take too much space, power and resource. It’s time to upgrade your audio gear with the new 2010 products. Your car and the environment will thank you and you will be certain that you will get the most out of your bucks. For more information on the latest car speakers and car stereo gear, visit us online.
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