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Ipod Touch Solar Charger

Date Added: March 02, 2010 05:53:22 PM
Author: Jordan
Category: Eco-Friendly: Products
Back in 2009, Novothink released a product called the Surge. They are the first company ever to get it Apple Certified. Which is a big step for a new company. The Surge was built so that iPod Touch and iPhone users would have the ability to charge under the sun with solar panels. With the Surge, you are able to charge via sunlight, indoor light, or USB cable. Let's getting started with the Surge itself. The Surge is a plastic gadget that fits in your hand as the size of the iPhone or iPod touch. The Solar Surge is about a couple cm bigger than the iPhone only because the iPhone or iPod touch has to be able to sit into the charger. When you receive the Surge Solar Charger, the contents include the Surge, a instruction booklet, Novothink lanyard, and or course the USB cable. You will need to pull out the contents and be next to your computer. The instruction states that you should charge the Surge for 3 hours for the best performance. You see their is an internal battery in the charger. The battery Lithium-Ion battery that has more power than the regular iPod touch battery. Plug the mini USB Cable end into the bottom of the Surge solar charger. And the other end into the USB port into your computer. Make sure your computer is plugged into the wall. You will need to let it charge for 3 hours. Remember when you are charging the Surge for the first time you should allow the Surge to charge by itself. In the meantime you should read your instruction booklet. After the 3 hours of charging your Surge solar iPod touch charger, unplug your USB plugs from both the computer and Surge. You may keep them plugged if you want to sync music between the two. A good idea you should do is download the FREE Solar Planner App from Novothink. This App is able to help you plan how long you would need to keep your Surge outside, it gives you a close to accurate time of leaving your charger, charging. You have to encounter possibly the clouds covering the sun, or you are blocking it with your body. Once you have downloaded the App and charged the Surge solar iPod touch charger, you may put the two devices together. This is a very easy process but some people have wanted to forced the devices together. So lets go over that step. You have to remember that the Surge solar charger is meant specifically for the iPod Touch 2nd generation or newer. So with that said, do not force it. Take your iPod Touch and start at the top of the Surge, and slide it into place, until it meets the Apple Certified 30-Pin Connector. It fits snug into the Surge. You will notice depending on if your iPod touch is fully charged or not, that the power signal noise will bing. And you will also notice the battery image appear on the iPod Touch. This is how you know that the iPod Touch is fully connected to the Surge solar charger. Now you have the Surge solar charger fully operational. You can put it into your pocket or just leave it in your car, you where you want to place it until you need it. If you plan on using the iPod Touch right away, just take your ear plugs and plug them into the bottom of the Surge solar charger. You will be able to listen to your iPod touch and still be able to have the surge working. When your iTouch gets to about 20% battery life, the Surge solar charger will turn on and start juicing up. The way the surge works for you is when you have been listening to your music or podcasts all day, you know that the battery starts to lose life. The cool thing about this is a couple things, first you do not have to think about it, it does it automatically. Second, is that the Surge charger has a built in battery sensor that knows when your iTouch is fully charged, so it does not suck all the juice from the Surge, but gives enough to fully charge the iPod touch. When you are out in the sun, you can charge your Touch. What are other people saying about the Surge solar charger for the iPod touch? People love the fact they can take it everywhere with them because it is very portable. Other people like the fact that it is solar powered and also works as a back-up battery supplier. Some people just love the fact of alternative energy they can affordable. Now let's talk about where you can purchase the Surge solar Touch charger. You may purchase it online only currently, there are a few online stores that are supplying these products. A small quantity of suppliers, a big quantity of solar chargers. The prices start at $69.95 for the Touch solar chargers and $79.95 for the iphone solar chargers. There are some companies that are selling for a lesser price which is illegal, because the price is protected, and if you are to come across a price that is lower than the ones stated, you should contact Novothink. If you are ready to purchase, starting shopping! You have the option to purchase straight from
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